Pre Workout Gummies

Pre Workout Gummies

Pre Workout Gummies 😍 These are unreal - what a treat for the gym!

Here’s the recipe ⚡️

1-2 scoops Creaming Soda Pre Workout (2 depending how strong you want it)
1 cup Water
2 Tbsp gelatine

Directions ⚡️
    1.     Add one cup of water to saucepan.
    2.    Add 1-2 scoops of creaming soda pre workout.
    3.    Put pan on a low heat and add gelatine powder and mix until dissolved (mini whisk anyone?). Once dissolved, remove from heat.
    4.    Pour mixture into moulds and place into the fridge until set.
    5.    Take a couple before your next sesh ✅

This recipe is now on our website to look back on incase you miss it 💪🏼 #BetterEveryday #YesPlease