Collagen Glow Jelly recipe made using Yes Please Health Collagen Plus and served in cocktail glasses

Collagen Glow Jelly

Time to make the ultimate beauty treat as something refreshing as a perfect any-time-of-day snack. Our Collagen Glow Jelly will be your next beauty treat set to not only make your tastebuds feel good. but your glowing skin will also have words to say.. 😛

An easy to whip up snack, you and your friends can enjoy this together at any occasion!


Collagen Glow Jelly
Serves: 2 (glasses pictured held 250ml each)

2 scoops of Collagen Plus
2 teaspoons of unflavoured gelatin
5 fresh strawberries, diced
500ml of Cranberry Juice (or orange juice)
2 tablespoons of water

How to make:
1. Measure and place cranberry juice in a measuring jug and add collagen. Stir well until dissolved.
2. In a seperate bowl, combine water and gelatinous powder into bowl. Mix until dissolved completely (or follow gelatin box instructions)
3. Add the glean mixture to the juice mixture. Stir well until combined (we suggest using a small whisk or fork).
4. Carefully pour mixture into a glass bowl / glass cups.
5. Sprinkle chopped strawberries (or fresh fruit of choice) to the jelly mixture.
6. Set in the fridge for at least 8 hours or leave it overnight.